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Copper Telecom Cables

Copper Telecom Cables 2
Copper is the traditional transmission medium for voice, signal and data.
TF Kable offer a wide range of copper telecommunications cables:
Local cables
Usually quad or pair construction, for connection to subscribers, telephone exchanges, connections between control panels, railway networks and telephone systems in industrial plants. Constructions include armour layer for installation laid direct into the ground, also can be supplied with catenary wire for use on telegraph poles.
Telephone cables
Multipair cables telephone and telegraph type cables. Option of individual screen to increase bandwidth up to 1 MHz. Available with flame-retardant outer sheath for increased fire safety applications.
Computer cables
For telecom connections, computer, automation and CCTV networks, especially Ethernet networks. Suitable for transmitting high speed digital and analogue data.  Individually twisted copper wire pairs reduce crosstalk (mutual interference between pairs), aluminium foil screen and copper wire braid reduce electromagnetic interference.
Broadband cables
Broadband multipair cables designed for high speed broadband internet applications.
Optimised for the higher broadband transfer frequencies demanded by European telecommunications operators.
Special purpose cables
Special designs include reduced smoke emission and fire integrity types, also options for improved chemical and mechanical resistance.

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